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Are there refreshments and drinks available? We have drinks, sweets, ice-creams and snacks. At the Spookers building there is also a Cafe where you can order a range of cafe type food.

Do you have any discounts? There is a discount for groups of 20 or more booked in advance and paid for with 1 payment. Phone or email to enquire at the maze. There are NO discounts for CornEvil.

Are there minimum numbers? Moonlight mazes have a minimum of 20 people to operate. Please check and book before coming. It is not available on Friday or Saturday nights.

Is the maze accessible? Most areas of the maze are accessible. There is an alternate route around the bridges. Please tell the staff on duty of your needs, as it makes it easier for us to give the best possible experience.

How long does it take to complete the maze? The average time is 50 minutes.

What type of shoes and clothing should we wear? The outside pathways are packed dirt, so sneakers or other sturdy shoes are best. Wear clothing suitable for an outdoor environment.

What should I bring with me when I visit the maze? Comfortable walking shoes, sunscreen, hat, water bottle, pushchair for babies.

Can we leave and come back? You can leave and return to the maze as often as you like in the same operating day. You must retain your wristband for re-entry. This includes going to your car any reason.

Does the weather affect the events? Yes, heavy rain/adverse weather will usually cause day mazes and the outside haunted attractions to close due to the increased risk of slipping over. Because the paths become very hard packed, they get very slippery with rain. If the weather is suspect please feel free to call ahead for an update.

What happens if we get lost? During day mazes, wave the flag  that you take in to the maze, and we will  come running. You can also buy a map for $2 when you buy your tickets. A full refund is given if you do not open it. During CornEvil ask any ghoul for help. We also have "dead men walking", who are normally dressed staff members in the maze to help you with any problems.

Can my children come to the maze by themselves? Anyone under the age of 12 must have an accompanying adult. 

Do you give refunds? Generally no, unless you are rained out within the first few minutes. If you chicken out of the haunted experiences we do not give refunds. After all we scared you, which is what you bought the ticket for in the first place.

Are there any health concerns involved with your events?  When the maize plants are flowering the pollen may be a problem. Bring your inhaler. People with heart conditions and women who are pregnant may wish to reconsider entering the haunted events also. The paths can be slippery, and when visitors get a fright they may bang into you or knock you over.

If you have a history of epilepsy, you may wish to reconsider entering the Disturbia as there are some strobe lights used in there.