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The Amazing Maze is now CLOSED for the season.

We reopen in late December 2016 with an all new theme


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NEW THEME - The Wild West

Visit the Amazing Maze ‘n Maize and “blaze a trail as crooked as a snake in a cactus patch”. There will be dead ends as “welcome as a rattlesnake at a square dance”, and wrong decisions to make you “mad enough to swallow a horn-toad backwards” or as “nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs”.

By the end of the day will you have been in the maze so long, you will “know all the lizards by their first names”, and be “so dry the bushes will be following the dogs around”.

But the exit of the maze will see you “grinnin like a weasel in a hen house”.

So git-along and enjoy a day in the Wild West. Yeehaw!

7 days a week (Subject to weather conditions.)

The Amazing Maze 'n Maize can be found South of Auckland at Kingseat - a giant maize maze within a cornfield, plus lots of simple family fun games and activities. The Amazing Maze is a huge maze cut out of the corn field.

You walk along several kilometers of paths and make decisions at intersections as to which way to go. Some intersections have "Kernels of Knowledge", or signs about the theme attached. These will help you find your way, they also keep you entertained while in the maze.

When it comes to corn mazes, bigger is better. We're the home of the largest corn maze in New Zealand. When you're lost at the Amazing Maze, you're not just wandering around aimlessly around as we have lots of activities to help you through the maze. Complete the quiz to help you navigate your way through the maze, or just get lost and have fun.

Teachers... check our our Teaching Units for levels 1-4.

The Amazing Day Maze features a viewing bridge, ‘kernels of knowledge’ trivia within the maize maze and associated quizzes - great fun for family and team competitions!

In our picnic area the emphasis is on good old fashioned fun - with walking boards, stilts, hoola hoops, giant drafts and others.

We have lifeguards in the maze and other ways to assist you if you get really lost!


CornEvil is our Haunted Horror corn maze attraction, and is strictly R.16.

See more photos of past mazes in our Gallery!